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The National Federations of WPAF


   We are inviting you to attend the General Body Meeting of WPAF which will take place in the city of Izvonari, Romania on 13th November 2015 at 15.00 in the hotel Sydney 2000.

   According to the Article 10.16 of the Constitution of WPAF (const. Suresh 2012, G.M. Laconia) the Agenda of the General Body Meeting includes the followings:


1 roll call and determination of quorum

2 nomination of  the Chairperson  of the GBM

3 approval of the Minutes of the preceding GBM

4 reports of the President and the Continental Presidents

5 report of the Secretary General

6 reports of the Treasurer

7 approval of the audited balance sheet of W.P.A.F.

8 ratification the resolutions of the presidency and EC since the last GBM

9 reports of the Chairmen  of  all Committee

10  proposals for amendment and review Competition Rules
11  proposals for and review of Referee Rules

     12  admission or expulsion of  Members

     13  election of new officers to vacant positions on the EC

     14 a review of the W.P.A.F. events calendar

     15 a decision on the allocation of  new W.P.A.F. Events
     16 proposals for amendments to the Constitution and Rules;

17 proposals from the EC and Members

18 any other Issue with the Permission of the Chair

19 relationship WPAF and UWW

20 actions for the WPAF’s affiliation in Sport Accord

21 the latest developments in Sport Accord



According to the Article 10.17 of the Constitution of WPAF (const. Suresh 2012, G.M. Laconia), any National Federation wishing to submit points or issues for inclusion in the agenda of a session of the General Body Meeting,  should submit full details of the same to the Secretary General, no later than 30/9/2015


Finally, please bring with you the documents regarding the activities of your federations the latest years. These documents are needed for our affiliation in Sport Accord.


With Sport Regards


The President                                                                 The Gen. Secretary

 Andr. Mazarakis                                                               Pan.  kanellopoulos












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