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Proclamation  7th  World Pangration Athlima Championships

Eboli, Italy

November  11th - 14th, 2016


The WPAF in collaboration with the ITALIAN PANKRATION FEDERATION, will contact the 7th WORLD PANGRATION ATHLIMA CHAMPIONSHIPS that will take place at Eboly, Italy  from 11th to 14th of November 2016





Friday, 11 November 2016



Arrival of WPAF, CONTINENTAL delegates



Arrival of delegations


13.00 – 15.00

committee directors meeting


10.00 – 18.00

Registration, accreditation, organizer financial


13.00 – 19.00

Training session

Common training session


15.00 – 16.30

WPAF General Assembly


16.30 – 18.00




17.00 – 19.00

Official weigh-in 


19.00 – 20.00

Referee meeting


21.30. - 22.30

Draw-in and coach meeting



Saturday, 12 November 2016


08.45 – 09.30

Hellanodikes meeting





Start of competition





13.00 – 14.00

Opening ceremony


14.00 – 17.00


(14-5, 16-17)


PYX-LAX (18+)


17.00 – 19.00

Final contest GOLD MEDAL



Awarding Ceremony



Sunday, 13 November 2016


08.45 – 09.30

Hellanodikes meeting




14-15, 16–17, 18–19, 20+, 35+,





(14-15),(16-17), (18-19),20+,35+




(18-19), 20+, 35+






Monday, 14 November 2016



Departure of delegation




























Participation & fees

Participation Individual competition: € 50 per competitor, for the first entry as competition participant, and 10 € for the each extra entry in the competition.

Penalty fee for Countries who are not staying in one of the official hotels: € 40 per person (penalty fee will be applied to all delegation members).

Furthermore, countries who are not staying in one of the official hotels will not be assisted with transportation or any other services from the organizer.

We offer official hotels within hotel packages. Please read all information carefully and use the appropriate form to make your initial reservation. Please find all deadlines included in this invitation.

Entrance to the farewell party is included in the hotel package.

Hotel package includes: - 3 nights accommodation, Friday-Monday - Breakfast from Saturday-Monday - Lunch on Saturday and Sunday in venue - Diner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in venue - Transport venue – hotel. Full booking: € 170 per person. 

Booking Information

1. Hotel reservations can ONLY be made through the organizer. Based on the accommodation request and invoicing details an invoice for payment will be sent by e-mail.

2. After the receipt of the payment (100%) a confirmation letter will be issued with all the details of the reservation. Please bring this letter to the registration.

3. 100 % payment for hotel reservations must be received in to the bank account   no later than October 10 th 2016.

4. Partial and complete cancellations made before October 10 th 2016 will qualify for a full refund from the bank account.

5. No refund will be issued for cancellations made after October 10 th 2016.

6. The organizer cannot guarantee reservations of extra rooms up to November 1st 2016.

7.   If a request for extra rooms is made after November 1st or on spot at the registration - and this request can be fulfilled by organizer – the total package price will be surcharged with 10%. NO exceptions will be made. All bank fees and bank transfer costs involved are to be paid by the participation federation in order to participate.

8. Hotel check-in times of the hotel in which the delegation is staying apply.

9. Extra services (mini-bar, telephone calls, internet, laundry services, taxi, etc.) will be charged on the guest’s account. Under no circumstances these costs will be paid by organizer.

10. Any broken object or damage to the hotel or its rooms, the venue or any other official location for WORLD CHMPIONSHIPS 2016 will be charged to the responsible national federation.

11. Preferences and special requests will be considered and arranged for, if possible.

Please, contact the organizers for any special requests (early check-in, extra meals, etc.).  Requests will be considered only with the condition that the reservation was made within the deadlines.



All damages to any property of the hotels or venues resulting from the stay of a national delegation shall be charged to the federation and will be paid in full.


Bank details:

For Accommodation 170 per person ( + €20 TRANSFER AIRPORT NAPLES-EBOLI KM80 -friday- +RETURN EBOLI-NAPLES KM80 -sunday-).TRANSFER FROM AIRPORT ROMA TO EBOLI  AND RETURN +€30              

               Beneficiary’s Name: A.S.D.NEW C.S.KODOKAN

Address Association: Viale dello sport Sant'Arsenio (SA)-San P.al T.(SA)


IBAN: IT86N0335901600100000108194    - IBSPITNA-

Add the mention: Booking ‘your country’ WORLD Pangration Ahlima Championships 2016.

For Participation Fee 50 euro and 10 euro  for the each extra entry  Beneficiary’s Name: A.S.D. NEW C.S. KODOKAN      


The organizer will provide free of charge transportation for all delegations, only if they have made a booking with the organizers to stay in the official hotel.

 Transport will be provided:

- to and from the venue from Friday to Sunday;


Insurance and liability

Each National Federation is responsible for its competitors (the control of non-pregnancy, as well as the gender control are placed under the responsibility of the National Federations) and must assume all responsibility for accidents and health insurance, as well as the civil liabilities for their competitors and officials, during the  World Pangration Athlima Championships 2016.

The organizer of the WORLD Championships, F.I.PK, and the W.P.A.F. will not be held responsible for any insurance related to the above mentioned matters.


The organizer of the World Championships and the W.P.A.F. has no liability for any claims of injury, accident, illnesses or death arising within or outside the competition, and travelling or other activities in connection with the event.



First entry (entry by number): October 10st 2016

Hotel payment & reservation: October 20th 2016

Entry fee payment: October 20th 2016

Entry by number / extra rooms: November 1st 2016

Entry by names: October 10th 2016

Visa request (we provide details in this matter): September 10th 2016

Travel details: October 20th 2016

Delegations missing the registration deadline will not be allowed to start. No exceptions will be made!

All competitors, coaches and officials must be entered in time. After the final entry deadline no additional persons can be added.

NOTE: It will be allowed to replace already registered coaches or officials.

Replacement of competitors will be granted only in the case of an injury, proven by medical staff.


Control of entries

The control of entries and issuing of accreditation cards will take place at the venue, on Friday 11th November, 09.00-17.00 hrs.

At least one team official must attend in time to confirm the entries of all athletes and officials with his/her signature. At the registration the team official must be able to show all official documents and official passport or ID card of all team members. A delayed appearance or no-show at control of entries may result in the exclusion of all participants from the draw and the event. In case of unforeseen delay of arrival, the Federation in case must contact the organizer and the W.P.A.F. immediately.

An accreditation card will be issued to competitors, officials and media, only if they are registered with the organizer. This accreditation card must be carried at all times.


Competition Rules The competition will be conducted in accordance with the latest W.P.A.F. Competition Rules and W.P.A.F. Referees Rules.




PALAISMATA: women, men, mix:  (14 – 15), (16–17), (18–19), (20+), (35+),

POLYDAMAS (TEAM COMPETITION): women, men, mix:  (18–19), (20+), (35+).


AGON IMIEPAFIS (SEMI CONTACT): women, men:(14–15),(16–17),(18–19), (20+),(35+);

AGON PANGRATIOU  (FULL CONTACT):  women, men: (14-15), (16–17), (18–19), (20+), (35+),

KATO PANGRATION:  women, men:(14–15),(16–17),(18–19), (20+),(35+)

PLERIS AGON  (FULL CONTACT) : women, men: (18–19) (20+),

PIX-LAX  : women, men (18+) kilos 48, 54, 57, 60, 63, 67, 71, 75, 81, 86, 91 και 91+



14–15 Years : 2001-2002

            Girls: – 42, – 47, – 52, – 57, – 63, 69.+69 

            Boys: – 45, – 50, – 55, – 60, – 66, – 72,  +72

16-17 Years: 1999-2000

Girls: – 48, – 53, – 58, – 63, – 68, – 73, +73

Boys:    -55, - 60, - 65, - 70, - 75, - 80, + 80


18-19 Years: 1997-1998

Women: – 49, – 54, – 59, – 64, – 70, – 76,+76

Men: -58, -65, – 72, – 79, – 85, – 92, +92


+ 20 Years: 1996-1980

Women: –57 – 62, – 68, – 76, – 83, -90, +90

Men: – 60, – 66, – 71, – 78, – 85, – 95, -105, +105


+ 35 Years:1981 and over

Women: – 57, – 62, – 68, – 76, -83, -90, +90

Men:  -60,– 66, – 71, – 78, – 85, – 95,-105, +105


NATIONAL TEAM COMPETITIONS IN AGON IMIEPAFIS SEMI CONTACT (only for the following age categories and kilos) :



CADETS 14–15 Years : 2001-2002:  – 52,-63, 63+

          JUNIORS 16-17 Years: 1999-2000:    -53, -63, 63+

        WOMEN 18+ Years :1998 to 1975: ,– 57,68,68+



CADETS 14–15 Years : 2001-2002:  – 55, – 60, – 66, – 72,  +72

          JUNIORS 16-17 Years: 1999-2000:    - 60, - 65, - 70, - 75, 75+

          MEN 18+ Years :1998 to 1975: , -66,-71,-78,-85,85+


  • It is forbidden to participate in the championships athletes born in 2003 and over.
  • It is forbidden to participate in the disciplines of  Polydamas and Pleris Agon athletes born in 1999 and over.
  • The National Federations-Associations may enter as many athletes as possible.
  • Competitors in Team disciplines and in National team competitions are allowed to participate in Individual disciplines.


Weigh-In The official weigh-in will be scheduled the day before the competition for the categories concerned (see provisional program). Official weigh-in will take place in the venue, in separate rooms for men and women. It will be possible, on Friday , to do an unofficial weigh-in. Multiple weighing scales will be provided for the athletes to test their weight within the training / warm-up area.

Control of weigh-in shall be the responsibility of the W.P.A.F. Technical Committee in collaboration with local organizers. Athletes must present their official passport or ID card at the official weigh-in. Competitors who do not meet this criteria will not be allowed to participate.


Draw & coach meeting

The four medal winners (gold, silver and two bronze) of each category of the preceding World championships will be separated on the list of competition in a way which prevents that they compete against each other before the final of table A and B, provided they have entered the same category in which they received the medal. Each National Federation must send at least one delegate to attend the draw & coach meeting. A maximum of two (2) delegates per National Federation will be allowed. No comments or protests are allowed after this meeting. The draw in will take place in the venue on Friday 11th of November, 20.00 hrs.



Endyma control & back number

Approved Endyma: Competitors have to wear an W.P.A.F. approved endyma, white and blue color. ( IMPORT 2 COLOR ENDYMA OBBLIGATIONS),

The athletes men that participate in Pleris Agon must to wear only shorts blue or white a meander stripe shall appear outside of the shorts also they must wear  the appropriate protections (shin  guards, groin guards,helmet, gloves etc), the women that participate  in Pleris Agon  must wear t-shirt (rashgurd)  white or blue and chest protection.

  The athletes men-women  that participate in PYX-LAX must to wear shorts  blue  a meander stripe shall appear outside of the shorts, t-shirt blue or white a meander stripe shall appear around  the  sleeves also they must wear  the appropriate protections (shin  guards, groin guards, helmet, gloves 4oz (boxing) )


Particular rules for women

Female contestants shall wear under the Chiton either a round necked plain white or off-white tee shirt, with short sleeves, made of non-rigid material, long enough to be worn inside the trousers, or a plain white or off-white leotard with short sleeves. No marking should be visible when the Chiton is done up. All other regulations must be adhered to.

   Control of  Endyma: The control shall be the responsibility of the W.P.A.F. Technical Committee in collaboration with local organizers. Competitors who do not meet these criteria will not be allowed to participate.



Each country should provide minimum 1 Hellanodikes for  10 participants, 2 Hellanodikes for up to 10 participants . A penalty fee of € 50 per referee will be requested for not having the correct number of referees, as stated above, and collected by the organizer on the spot (this is a mandatory condition in order to participate in the draw).

Hotel bookings for referees must be included within the booking of the delegation from the national federation.

All referees must attend the referee meeting on Friday November 11th,  and the meetings before start of competition (each day).

Attention: only the referees selected and qualified by W.P.A.F. Referee Committee may participate as referees at these championships.

Neither the organizing committee nor the WPAF will be held responsible for not respecting this obligation! However, if there won’t be enough referees for the competition to take place in proper conditions, W.P.A.F. may decide to complement the pool of referees with national referees of the organizing federation (decided by W.P.A.F. Referee Committee).           


a. Only one coach, who stays at the limit of the contest area during the match seated on a designated coach chair, may assist contestants.

b. If the coach exhibits misbehavior towards the athletes, the referee, the audience or anyone else, the referees or head referee may decide to make him leave the area reserved to the officials for the duration of the match.

c. If the misbehavior continues, the referees or head referee of the match may decide to make him leave the official area for the whole tournament. Coaches must behave in accordance with the WPAF Organization Rules.  

Anti-doping control

There will be anti-doping control, conducted by the official anti-doping authority.


Training facilities

The organizer offers the possibility to train in the venue on Friday November 11th, from 14.00 to 20.00 hrs. If you are interested in booking a separate training session with the local club, please contact us well in advance through  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



The organizer will help any country with obtaining visa for athletes and officials. For nations who need visa to enter Italy, please send to the organizer as soon as possible (latest September 10st 2016) a list of participants with full names, passport numbers, date of birth, and functions (athlete, coach, official, doctor etc.) using the visa application form. Complete visa applications should be sent in time to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Costs for express delivery (DHL, UPS, etc.) are to be paid by the participating national federation.


General assembly

A maximum of two people per country, with only one person (the national delegate) with voting right - provided that their federation may attend the general assembly.

There is no participating fee for the assembly. Each national delegate must have a signed mandate from the National Federation. The general assembly is scheduled for Friday November 11th,  and program hrs.


Farewell party

The farewell party will take place in the venue on Sunday, November 13th, 21.00-02.00 hrs, includes entrance, music and security. Dinner before the farewell party is included in the hotel package.


Fundamental principle

All National Federations, officials, coaches and athletes participating in the World championships have to respect and accept the authority of the WPAF and local officials, the statutes, the sports and organization rules, the refereeing rules of the international federation, as well as the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) rules.


Awarding ceremony

The medal ceremonies will consist of the following:

• Medal podium

• One gold, one silver and two bronze medals

• flags (first to third) and national anthem of the winning athlete’s/team’s nation

• Photo opportunity for the accredited media

During the medal presentations, accreditations must be temporarily removed and handed over to the coordinator of the awarding ceremony. There will be one WPAF official and one official of the local organizers to coordinate the awarding ceremony.

The athletes will be escorted to the awarding ceremony podium and will stand behind the podium according to the following order: 2nd place, 1st place, and the two 3rd placed athletes.

Participants in the awarding ceremony may not have any flags, mascots, shoes, flip-flops, socks, caps, head cover or any unnecessary clothing or other items on them during the ceremony.

No kind of demonstration or political, religious, commercial or racial propaganda is permitted during the awarding ceremony.

Athletes must present themselves in Endyma. Please note that no athletes, other than those who are part of the ceremony, may participate in the awarding ceremony.


Best Athlete

WPAF and the organizer will reward the most technical athlete with a Most Technical Athlete Trophy to a participant of the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (athlete) for recognized outstanding technical prowess and a flawless display of sportsmanlike behavior and etiquette, beyond expectation and demands of the rules.


Fair play

WPAF will award a Fair Play Trophy to a participant of the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (athlete, coach, referee, technical crew, team official etc.) for recognized outstanding ethical or sportsmanlike behavior, beyond expectation and demands of the rules.

On behalf of the W.P.A.F.

         Athens 31 May 2016


 The President                                              The Gen. Secretary



Andr. Mazarakis                                            Pan. Kanellopoulos


F.I.PK. Responsabile Organizzazione

Prof. Amendola Pietro



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