Dear Colleagues,

In the past couple of weeks, some rumors have been circulated regarding the alleged dissolution of the WORLD PANGRATION ATHLIMA FEDERATION. These rumours have been spread by specific individuals who obsessively wish to damage our reputation and legitimacy in order to serve their personal interests and selfish agendas, without paying any attention to the damage they cause to the development of Pangration.

Staying true to our principles and to our institutional role as the sole International Athletic Federation for the development of Pangration worldwide, we have chosen to refrain from commenting on these malicious and groundless rumors. Besides, there is no doubt that the WORLD PANGRATION ATHLIMA FEDERATION exists and operates legally and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our good-standing is proven and, whenever requested, this is furnished to the competent authorities. To this end, we have taken (and will continue to take) any and all legal actions before any competent authority and we have taken (and will continue to take) any and all measures to defend Pangration against those who aspire to harm it and/or obstruct its development for their personal gain and vanity.

We understand, of course, that (unfounded) rumors may create (false) impressions. However, we choose to remain true to our goals and keep focusing on our main activities (European and World Pangration Championships, disciplinary proceedings against those who violate the Statutes and Disciplinary Regulations, etc.), rather than engage in gossip and slander.

Delivering justice and restoring the truth by legal means takes time because the competent authorities move at their own, sometimes slow, pace, which is beyond our influence and control. We are aware of this but the official, legal route is our only choice and the only appropriate process for an international sports federation representing and developing the most ancient of martial sports. To the groundless and malicious rumors we shall keep responding with our hard work, dignity and honor as the WORLD PANGRATION ATHLIMA FEDERATION.

We have the confidence that truth will eventually shine and justice will delivered. In the meantime, let us all focus on what truly matters and we do best: the development of Pangration, starting from its country of origin where we have our registered seat, and spreading it to the ends of the world!

Dear Colleagues,

We look forward to meeting with you all at the 10th World Pangration Championship in 24-28 October 2024 in Romania! 

                                                       On Behalf of WPAF

     The President                                                                                      The Gen. Secretary

    Andr. Mazarakis                                                                                 Pan. Kanellopoulos

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